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A Smart Way to manage YOUR investments


YOU, as Investor, are in the center of our process and YOU need an independent...

...Financial Advisor, that help you to reduce the tipical behaviors error and choose...

...a digital platform managed by an Independent Management Company, who...

...manage Investors money in one or more Custodian Banks, providing different...

...Investment Strategies to return a high quality diversification and risk reduction.

Reduce all the not profitable costs, typical of the financial networks selling their own products

Financial Planning Options

"Simulate an investment based on your needs and investment to perform".

Target Saving Account

  • Are you looking to achieve a specific savings goal? (Such as buying a house, a car, wedding etc.).

  • Target it in advance by setting a monthly amount aside, and benefit from its compounding effect over time.

  • Discover the right rate for you through our Saving Account simulator

Target Saving Account

Retirement Saving Account

  • Have you planned for your retirement?

  • Set a monthly amount aside to create a second pillar and benefit from its compounding effect over time

  • Discover the right rate for you through our ISA simulator

Retirement Saving Account

Wealth Managed Account

  • Are you looking for a professional Asset Manager to manage your wealth?

  • Search and compare through our platform by choosing the best strategies for you

  • Use the simulator to match your risk profile with the best investment horizon

Wealth Managed Account


Your Asset Manager or Advisor can select among over 1800 funds, 800 ETFs and 40 Hedge Funds.


Some available strategies include directly investing in single stocks or bonds to improve the probability of beating the average returns with passive instruments.


Monitor your investments 24/7 online.


Invest in a Managed Account, where funds and negotiation costs are typically reserved to institutional clients.


Joining OpenPHInance as an Investor has many advantages, including: 


Quick and easy digital onboarding system, up and running in less than 10 minutes.


Select from a variety of professional Asset Managers or Financial Advisors, with the option to invest different portions of your funds with multiple Advisors.


Benefit from many strategies all in the same platform.


Rest assured with Swissquote, our Custodian bank reputed as one of the most solid banks in the world with a Tier 1 ratio over 27%.

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